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Applicada presents Station Alert - Seoul Subway.

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Navigate in Real Time

Receive accurate GPS information for location, subway line, direction, and remaining transport time, in real time.

Auditory Voice Assistant

Listen to the entire User Interface, line by line, by swiping on the screen. Utilizes top-of-the-line NLP voice assistants.

Contact Station Officers

Call the current station's station officers with the single press of a button, and receive all the help you need.

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Station Alert is an application for the visually impaired to navigate the Seoul Subway, in South Korea. Offering features that are essential for the visually impaired in the public transport, Station Alert and the Applicada team has maintained communication with visually impaired communities to continue troubleshooting and improving utility.


We value feedback and reviews from our customers, and incorporate them into our application to further improve user experiences.

As a Non-Impaired College Student and Application Developer

As someone who has developed other apps, when I used this subway app, it contains really necessary functions and is easy to use. When the iOS version comes out later, I think more blind people will be able to get help. It's a really great app, and great job!

by Dongho Kim

As a Director at the Woori Dongjak Center for Independent Living

Frequently, the visually impaired have difficulties in getting off the subway train because the information about the destination station was not provided due to the noise around them. We are very grateful that the students noticed our difficulties and made such a convenient app.

by Yoon-Taek Kang

As a Visually Impaired Customer

It’s really easy to use for me when I commute by subway every day. Especially, it is a very convenient application that shows only the necessary contents without complicated contents. It informs you how many stops are left until arrival and an alarm goes off when you arrive. I can also call subway officers for help in an emergency.

by Yeo-Joo Kim

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About the Team

Applicada is a group of high school students working together to improve society by solving problems by developing applications.

Seojin David Lee

Senior, 12th
Yongsan International School of Seoul

Hi! My name is Seojin, but I go with David (my middle name). I am an avid coder, and therefore decided to join this team with Abigail, Andrew, Cindy and Jane to hopefully give back to the world. I love running, playing the piano and listening to music.
I am really excited to be a part of Applicada!

by Seojin Lee

Jaein (Jane) Kim

Senior, 12th
St. Paul Preparatory Seoul

Hello! My name is Jane, and I like designing, creating, and engineering technologies. I also have an interest in UI design and coding. I am currently working hard to learn more about engineering and coding and hope to have a career related to technology in the future. I am excited to work with our Applicada team members!

by Jaein (Jane) Kim

Abigail Kim

Cornell University

Hello! I'm Abigail. All of our members have their own unique strengths; I help coordinate tasks among us, and I help designing our logos and websites. In my free time, I love to draw, design, and play badminton. We always work hard to create our products, so I can’t wait to show you our current product Station Alert!

by Abigail Kim

Kyoungwan Woo

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Hi! My name is Kyoungwan (Andrew) Woo. I'm a programmer, dreamer, and innovator who aspires to turn vision and idea into reality through empathy and technology. I am proud to be a part of the Applicada team!

by Kyoungwan Woo

Ji Won (Cindy) Kim

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Hi! I am a STEM student who loves to play volleyball, watch Youtube and play percussion during my free time. Collaborating with our team members to design Station Alert has been an exciting experience!

by Ji Won (Cindy) Kim